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Advanced Technologies for Video Surveillance

Today, everybody wants to have a security in their premise. CCTV system is one among them. However, the reliability and management of the installed systems are in question. On premise low end hardware equipment are always questionable for reliability. Whereas, large installed network of CCTV need to be managed properly. One of the other important point to be considered is the duration of the CCTV footage. There is a trade of between quality and duration of the CCTV footage. Optimization between the quality and duration is a tough problem.

We have four different products to cater these problems. (a) Cloud Centralized Monitoring System CMS (b) Cloud CCTV (c) Video Management System VMS (d) Comprehensive Footage Management. Cloud CMS provides the unified access to all of your camera present in different location using user management. Cloud CCTV stores the snapshot of the Cloud to provide reliability to the system. VMS provides easy to use software for handling the camera is your premise reliably. CFM is a unified platform to handle all the requirements for video surveillance.  Our CFM can handle multiple cameras of various brands using multiple servers from multiple locations through multiple access points on multiple monitors.  It provides local and cloud storage.  It has advance video analytic to provide smart storage system which enhances your storage duration by many folds.


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