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The aim of Daksha Imaging is to develop an innovative and indigenous technology that bridges the gap between this large available visual data and video surveillance. Video analytics is not merely restricted to security domain the same technologies can also be used outside the security domain to unlock exciting new operations and marketing opportunities for organizations across all industries


Daksha Imaging Technologies comprises the experience of the IIT alumnus and the talent of the dynamic youth working hard together to bring forward the next generation surveillance solutions. In the present digital era we are surrounded with a myriad of visuals from various available sources but this increase in the electronic devices available to capture video data also means that there is a need of equally increasing or an efficient video surveillance solution that is capable of effective scrutinizing the plethora of visual data that we capture.

Our primary concern is to build future ready solutions by applying sophisticated computer vision algorithms to video feeds, and adding an analytics layer to existing video surveillance systems, so that full potential of CCTV’s is realized. The availability of advanced video analytics technologies means it is time to take video surveillance to the next level—in security, commercial and public service environments.

We are committed to provide the best solutions from the best team of the nation. We have strong association with premier technical institute Indian Institute of Technology Madras. We are an IIT Madras incubatee company