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Snapshot storage for your CCTV (safety and reliability) on Cloud

The Next Generation Daksha’s Cloud CCTV System (dCCS)

Increase in DVR/NVR thefts, use of unreliable storage devices, unawareness of the CCTV system and other anomalies are increasing day by day. These problems can be handled by the latest era of cloud technologies especially case of data storage. We have come up with CLOUD CCTV, the better solution for CCTV system. We have developed this product with various innovation to support cloud storage for CCTV.

Using our revolutionary technology coming from Computer Vision and Distributed System experts, we have made the ONVIF IP camera recording directly on cloud or with cloud video recorder. The cloud video recorder (CVR) reduces the bandwidth requirements to an extent that now, cloud storage possible is for everyone!!!

cloud cctv diagram

Cloud CCTV stores data on the cloud reliably and safety and gives users the freedom to access their cameras from anywhere anytime. The IP Camera sends the data directly to cloud through internet. Whereas Cloud Video Recorder connects with the cameras on the local network and processes the data to make it small enough for sending to cloud via regular user network connection (about 256Kbps line is needed for sending 1MP data/second). The users can then access the data through a web interface, both stored and live.

The basic advantages of cloud storage are:

  • No risk of CCTV data footage loss even if the Network Video Recorder or IP camera is stolen as the data is stored in the cloud.
  • No risk of data loss due to a failed hard disk as the data is stored in fault-tolerant storage systems on the cloud.

Storage Requirements:

1MP camera: 4 sec Interval : 1GB/day (Approx.) for low traffic.


Multi-geography cloud storage
Low Network Bandwidth
Supporting all major brand IP cameras
No additional software needed
Accessible from any browser