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Cloud CCTV

Cloud CCTV Services

We have done an extensive analysis of the market and found that even though people have installed multiple cameras in their premises, they struggle with having right people analysing their camera feeds, health of the system and storage using a globally accessible software. We have innovative and pioneering CCTV solution that solves most challenges faced by current systems.

Daksha’s Cloud CCTV solution focused to address these challenges and take away your worries such as

  • Is my camera working?
  • Is my camera footage being stored properly?
  • Is my footage being monitored?
  • How can I access my footage?
  • Can this system help me prevent security breach?


Viewing Cloud CCTV

Live Cloud CCTV allows users to view their cameras using a user-friendly software which has various features like user defined grid creation and multiple monitor support. The access privilege to the cameras can be granted through our setup software.


Health Cloud CCTV

One consistent feedback we heard during our market survey was inability to find if the cameras are working properly or not. Current systems in the market do not provide status of each camera to the administrator. Health Cloud CCTV sends daily report about health of the cameras (identifying non-working cameras).


Storage Cloud CCTV

One of the biggest challenge of current systems is non-functioning hard drivers in the DVR/NVR. There has been an increase in incidents where DVR/NVR are stolen from the site. Daksha’s Cloud CCTV provides cloud storage wherein the data is stored on the cloud server in form of images.


Motion Cloud CCTV Service

CCTV systems are kept ideal because nobody want to see the 24 * 7 video. In Motion service, we provide the motion based viewing to get the relevance of the day in seconds.

Need of Cloud CCTV System





Cloud CCTV System

Increase in DVR/NVR thefts, use of unreliable storage devices, unawareness of the CCTV system and other anomalies are increasing day by day. These problems can be handled by the latest era of cloud technologies especially case of data storage. We have come up with CLOUD CCTV, the better solution for CCTV system. We have developed this product with various innovation to support cloud storage for CCTV.

Using our revolutionary technology coming from Computer Vision and Distributed System systems, we have made the ONVIF IP camera and DVR/NVR with rtsp support to have live, health and storage services directly on cloud. This provides many fold advantages on top of the current technology.

Cloud CCTV Architecture

The basic advantages of cloud storage are:

  • No risk of CCTV data footage loss even if the Network Video Recorder or IP camera is stolen as the data is stored in the cloud.
  • No risk of data loss due to a failed hard disk as the data is stored in fault-tolerant storage systems on the cloud.

Storage Requirements:

1MP camera: 4 sec Interval : 1GB/day (Approx.) for low traffic.