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Health Service Cloud CCTV

Need for Health Cloud CCTV Service

We think only by getting CCTV installed by system integrator is sufficient. However, the answer is “No”. System Integrator installs the system whereas having information of system working status is our responsibility only. We assume that system is working fine & we don’t check working status of the system after few days of installation but on happening of any unusual event, we found that the camera/DVR/System was not working for a long time or at the time of event happening hence, we losses the actual significance of installing CCTV system. This leads to the need of health update of the system on daily basis. There can be various reasons of system failure. Some of them are:-

Device malfunctioning

Electronic devices are prone to failure for various reasons like high voltage, overheating, parts malfunctioning, etc. These problem will persist in the systems. We can’t tackle these problems but we can get these devices working.

Networking or wiring Problem

Networking or Wiring problem occur due to cut in the wire or non-functioning of transmitter/repeater device like switch and video balloon. In large installation, it can be due to maintenance activity happen in the passage of the wire like digging of road.

Power Failure

Power Failure is common problem, this occurs due to failure of power devices like adaptor or POE switch. Even sometimes it happens due to human negligence like switching off or plug removed from the socket. Beyond this, the system has not placed on power backups like UPS or Invertor.

These are few cases of the current systems where health knowledge of system is critical. At Daksha, we have looked on various problems in this context and we found that cloud CCTV health service is one of the reliable options for these problems. We send notification through email and SMS.

Advantages of the Cloud Viewing Service over traditional Services

Checks CCTV from cloud

There are some Cameras and Video recorders send alerts when the internet is working but the biggest limitation is when the video recorder system is down they don’t send information. Whereas in Cloud Viewing Service, these are not the limitations, it will inform about the working status through email and SMS by pinging through internet.

Email and SMS are preconfigured

Current CCTV devices require Email and SMS configuration. Most of the users found it to be tough and we don’t configure so, they don’t configure it. In our system, these are preconfigured. User just needs to get the camera configured and activate health service.

Case Studies


At home we install security camera system. But we never check the working status on regular basis. This increases the chances of CCTV system ineffectiveness for a long time. Our health monitoring provides the working status on daily basis through email.


CCTV system in shops are seems to be a common security device. It has a utility in night when there is low human security. It has been found that due to power failure and power off of main supply from switch by employee make it is inactive. These problems can be resolved through Health Cloud CCTV.


The principal or administrative authority does not watch all the cameras but he wants to ensure that all the cameras installed are working. In case of any undesirable event, the footage can be used for forensics. Health services will send daily update report over the mail.

Large Installation

In large installation, multiple cameras on different locations are installed. It becomes difficult to check working status of each camera. Our health service has made it easy. It automatically generates notification when any of the cameras gets down. It also sends a summarized/detailed report at the end of the day indicating working status of cameras.