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Live Monitoring Service @ Cloud CCTV

Need for Live Cloud CCTV Service

Premises are protected by installing the CCTV camera system. Are they sufficient to protect it? The Answer is No as they have not been monitored regularly. Live Cloud CCTV Service can play an important role. Let’s look on some of the cases what is the need of it.

User Privilege

The viewing happens through Digital Video Recorder (DVR) and Network Video Recorder (NVR) interface. We sometimes view them. We don’t share their live access to peers usually because we don’t have a power to restrict the camera usage from multiple cameras installed to multiple peers.

Viewing Layout

On the other side, most of the user interfaces of CCTV systems do not allow us to create the panel as we wish to have. People want to view the cameras in the layout according to their convenience whereas they can see in layouts like 1*1, 2*2, 3*3 and 7+1. They want to design their own viewing layout and want to save it as a profile for future use/reference.

Group Management

Current systems provide just a access without providing the approach as we work. Users works by grouping the camera for understanding in their mind. They wants like to group multiple cameras based on their preferences like location, room and floor which is unavailable in most of the systems.

Advantages of Cloud Viewing Service

Access Management

Control access from whereever you are

All the user management and system accessibility is provided through cloud and the information on the cloud can be only accessed by the authorized user. There are two user roles: admin and viewer. The admin user role can change the accessibility rights of the user whereas viewer user role can’t change the accessibility right.

Software as a Service


As its name itself defines that a user needs to pay only for the usage done or channel configured on the cloud like the number of cameras/channels you view, for the time duration you have viewed.  The charges are calculated on pro-rata basis. For instance, number of cameras/channels put on cloud service are 21 for 3 months @ Rs. 100, then the charges applicable will be Rs. 6300.

Universal Access

Access from whereever you are

As the servers are maintained on cloud, the system can be accessed from wherever you want. You can upload, remove, and change settings of the camera from whichever location you want. The changes will be applicable only on number of cameras not the location.

Download and Use @ Live Monitoring Service

User Management

Create User Accounts and Add Channel

Viewing Tool

View all camera in custom based layout

User Management

Group Management

Grouping of cameras and users

Everyone group their cameras depending upon the location, utility, floor, criticality, etc. On the other side, users are grouped depending upon the role, position, usability. In our system, we allow to create user and channel group depending upon their preferences. These grouping will be seen everywhere from user interface to restriction.

User Channel Graph

Get knowledge of accessibility graph in one click

The most common problem is to see the connectivity of the user to channel. In our interface, this has been simplified by using ‘user to channel relation’ graph. You can choose one or multiple items (user, user group, channel group and channel) at a time to get the full user to channel relation graph.

Access Management

Allow/Restrict relation through simple interface

You can allow and restrict users to channels on three different levels; individual user to user group, user group to channel group and channel group to individual channel. You can do that along with looking at the full graph showing the relation of user to channel.

Simple Camera Understanding

Add camera/channel through a single form

All the information related to the channel can be displayed in a single form. Here, you can see all the services invoked on cloud. One of the services is Live Viewing.

daksha system management

Viewing Tool

Layout Management

Most of us want to see their camera feeds in our own designed interface. So in our software, we allow the user to create tabs and grids as per user preferences. The cells in grid can be combined as desired. The tabs and grids can be created as per their hierarchical preferences. The tabs or cells can be named depending upon location and other attributes to make them self-explanatory.


The panel layout is saved as profiles on the local machine to get it in same state for easy accessibility next time. These profiles are saved on user account basis.


In our forensics module, user can compare the same channel by putting it on different cells with different time duration. The different channels can also be compared simultaneously.

Multi Monitor

There are multiple premises where enormous cameras are installed. For them, we have multi-monitor support in our application to get them access from a single machine.

daksha viewing tool


Our cloud system are scalable in multiple directions which are :





Case Studies @ Live Monitoring Service


There are various warehouses groups. Each group have multiple warehouses. They have multi-level hierarchy to handle and control, man-power and warehouse in a group. Nowadays, every warehouse of group has CCTV system. Camera feeds are being currently used in case of post analysis but these can be used for real time monitoring also.

One of the problems is, they are not being used for real time monitoring is due to cumbersome setup process and global control. For example, a single warehouse manager should be allowed to view his own set of cameras whereas the CEO of warehouses group should be able to see all the cameras of all the warehouses on single User Interface.

In our software, user can control/provide access as per their requirement by using the user management. In this case, our user management setting are stored on the cloud server so that they can be changed from wherever and can be accessed from anywhere. This all can be done from any unified central location.



Industries have various sections of floors. Each floor is controlled by floor supervisor. The floor supervisor wants to see the critical area in the bigger space on the screen whereas other non-critical areas in smaller space of the screen. The manager wants to see all the cameras of all the floors in sequencing manner on a single UI but most of the current recorders restrict him on this point. We provide both tab and grid rotation which can handle these functionalities very easily.

The admin user also wants to control the access depending upon the utility of the camera in relation to user and this can be done by the user management module in the setup panel.



There are lot of cases has been registered in the schools. For example, students bitten by teachers, in pre-schools kids are not taken care properly. These events provoke parents to have regular monitoring of their kids in school premise during school hours.

However, every camera and recorder has its own limitation over the number of feeds it can provide at a time. To overcome this problem, we have video media server in our services, which can provide enough number of feeds per camera so that school can provide required feeds to parents of their respective kids during schools hours. In cloud services only one camera feed goes out of the school premise and then multiple feeds are been made on cloud server for easy accessibility to every parent. This step doesn’t choke the school internet bandwidth.


Most the banks have multiple cameras at their branches and ATMs across multiple cities at various locations. It is tough to incorporate them to be seen on single screen, for this they need multi-monitor support which is available in our services.

In case of banks, they would like to install the software on their premise without giving accessibility of the information to any third party/software vendor, for that they would like to have generic cloud services. For that we provide intranet cloud based services solutions.


Rs 100/- per camera per month

Rs 1000/- per camera per year

5 user account (1 admin account) and 5 simultaneously access

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