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Advantages of Motion Cloud CCTV Service

Daily Email with Maximum Motion Hourly Images
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Do you check all CCTV footage recording?

Do you always check whole day recording of each CCTV camera installed? The answer is “No”. We only check the recording whenever there is an unusual event. However, we love to look on what’s going on. We definitively don’t care about all the still frames of the video. We at-least care about where there is a motion. There are still multiple places where you can see the motion in the video. We found out in our internal studies that people care about the frames where there is a highest motion in a particular time interval.


This is same we have done in the Motion Cloud Service. In this service, we analyse and took out the frames where there is maximum motion in every defined interval from whole day footage. After that, the user can view data in form of snapshot to get updated with the activities happened in the premise in his absence. This motion service can be analysed under our specialized “preview plus service”.

Limitation of current services

Monotonous Viewing

Looking on every segment of the stored CCTV footage for long hours is a monotonous job. This problem becomes much higher is case of the multiple camera from different location for inspection. It also, can lead to lose of important activities as one cannot have a look on each activity happened in his absence out of full footage.

No Daily Update

Currently we install CCTV system but we never check what is happening, every time. Whereas you can have a quick update by getting daily information in form of snapshots through our motion cloud service in no time like last day who has visited your home in your absence?

Data Loss

Hard disk failure and steal of recording device will lead to loss of video data till that time. This will lead to non-traceable of the culprit or intruder but through Motion cloud service you can have look on the snapshots stored till that time as it is stored on cloud.

Benefit of the Motion Services

Preview Plus

In preview plus, the user can get the maximum motion images from chosen interval time in multiple panel while having a playback at the same time.

Highlighted motion in slider

In the playback panel, you get motion information highlighted in green shades depending upon the intensity of motion.

Daily Email

We send an email on daily basis to user with images having maximum motion from each hour in a day.

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