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Storage Service Cloud CCTV

Need for for storage Cloud CCTV Service

Majority of us have installed CCTV System at our premises for Security Purpose. Have we ever looked over recording status? It has been found that we only check recording when we want to see any incident recording. And then, many times we found out that the hard disk was not working or recording device was switched off or system is damaged.

Also in case of robbery or any unusual event happened it has been found that the DVR or hard disk is being stolen or destroyed. So, in these case video recording are of no use hence they are totally unreliable.

Reasons for non-reliability of current recording device

HDD/DVR malfunctioning

As we all know, HDD are prone to failure due to high voltage or overheating. This problem becomes more severe when we use non surveillance grade hard disk drive.

Recording device (DVR/NVR) Stolen

It has been seen now that thieves steal your recording device or trash it badly before robbery. They do it to wipe out the proofs of robbery.

Recording device for Single camera

In current system, one buys a recording device even for a single IP camera. This problem becomes huge in case of Single camera installation at multiple sites.

Advantages of the Storage Cloud Service on current services

Data Protection

With increase in number of cases of data mutilation, it has been proven that only local storage over NVR/DVR is not reliable. We should use cloud data servers so data gets fully secured. This will helps us in tracing unusual events even in case of DVR/NVR stolen or destroyed.

Reliable Storage

In Storage cloud service, we use Multi Geo Cloud Servers to secure your data reliably. It has RAID technology which replicates data so the risk of data loss minimizes even after failure of hard disk drives.

Access from wherever

As our services name itself explains that the data is stored on cloud so it can be accessed globally. One can access his data from where ever he wants to through his unique username and password. No unauthorized person can access your data without permission as it can’t be accessed without login details.