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Securing Banks with Smart Video Distributed Storage

With increased emphasis on digitization of banking operations and usage of off-site Automatic Teller Machines (ATM) in banks with capabilities of not only disbursing cash but also accepting cash deposits and undertaking related functions, the banking operations are exposed to sophisticated threats either by cloning ATM/Credit Cards, stealing these and getting hold of PINS coupled with techniques even defeating the two factor authentication by manipulating SIM cards of linked mobile phones. Recent cases of mass cloning of ATM cards have raised serious questions especially when we depend on imported hardware which might come embedded with malware capable of stealing and transmitting data to unintended location.

Apart from this, numbers of cases of frauds by the Bank Staff including senior officers have come to light recently after the demonization drive.CFM_CCTV_bank_atm

Banks are finding it difficult to prevent drawl of cash by persons who either have stolen the ATM/Credit Cards or have cloned them at ATM kiosks in spite of these being equipped with Closed Circuit Cameras, due to usage of obsolete technology which results in storing poor quality footage or the system is tampered with and made up-operational or recording hard-disk itself is stolen or destroyed. Installed systems are unable to report or notify any kind of tampering with the ATM systems. Poor quality and short term storage of video recordings makes the situation worst.

With seventy percent of population residing in rural India, where more and more banking facilities are being expanded, securing banks and ATMs becomes a challenging task. Poor infrastructure and low internet bandwidth makes the job tougher, as it gets almost impossible to store and access the quality CCTV footages.

As mentioned local storage of CCTV footage is less amenable to recovery because the NVRs and DVRs are the first one to be destroyed when security of any bank or ATM is breached. The problem is compounded due to hard-disk failure and/or non-working cameras.

Daksha imaging technologies Pvt. Ltd is a “Make-in-India” initiative which has developed indigenous software for providing Comprehensive CCTV Footage Management System which not only capable of providing high quality footage but also secure the data from being destroyed or tampered with during a crime. The system is also capable of real-time notifying the Central Command Center through SMS and Email notification in case any camera is not working or is tampered with. We provide local support to address any technical issues that may come up with particular sites. We also provide customization of the system as per client requirements. Our local development team makes such services possible. Make-in-India software also provides greater security against viruses/trojan-horses/secret code being inserted by software solution providers from foreign countries.

Comprehensive CCTV Footage Management System enables you to have Centralized Storage and Access to all the CCTV footage at the various branches at different locations. It manages multiple cameras of various brands using multiple servers from multiple locations through multiple access points on multiple monitors, there by even securing the Banks internally.

We are among very few companies who have developed software capable of providing long term storage on remote server using lower bandwidth that too without compromising the image resolution.

The system stores videos in the form of Smart Snapshots on remote server. Data is stored on the command center rather than on-site using RAID technology which enhances durability and reliability of stored data and increases the performance of existing system. The storage needs are customizable according to the user.

Snap-shot of the Key Features

Comprehensive CCTV Footage Management System (CFM) provides various functions such as finding relevant information and storing it in highest possible resolution (without compression) that is in form of Smart Snapshots using Lower Internet Bandwidth. The data is stored on remote storage and alerts are triggered through Emails and SMSs. CFM also manages video security systems from multiple locations. It offers long term storage and has a unique option for storing data on local, remote and cloud servers which enhances durability and reliability. The storage needs are customizable according to the user. To summarize, the system provides:

  1. Long-term storage for keeping records of transactions
  2. Remote Storage as local storage can be tampered with.
  3. Real-time notifications at the command center for any camera down and duration etc.
  4. Solution for ATMs (remote storage)
  5. Indigenous software, more secure compared to those sold by foreign players (no fear of viruses/secret trojan horses/code)
  6. Reliable storage using RAID etc. at the command center rather than at each site.
  7. Patented technology that provides substantial reduction in data for storage and transmission to make all of this possible.
  8. Local support to address any issues with any site.

Customization as per bank requirements. Local development team will help to customize the solution as per particular bank requirements.

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