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Our VMS systems scalable and fault tolerant. It has various features like User Management, Network Optimization, Forensics Search and Masking.


Users prefer Daksha’s product top of the line in addressing security needs due to technical advantages over its competitors which includes its Video Management Software. The reliability and credibility of its products are due to their advance technical features and research incorporation. Daksha’s Video Management Software is built using various advance features derived from human computer interface, distributed systems and image processing domain. It offers ease of use and reliable services.

The Daksha Video Surveillance apps allow viewing feeds from six cameras at the same time on your Mobile Interface. The cameras visible on a mobile interface can be grouped depending upon the needs like perimeter views, conference and protected areas. Hence, you get rid of bulky settings and screens that were required to visualize the environment.

The smart notification and system health monitoring allows you to monitor various events. Notifications are received indicating several breakdown situations like camera signal drop, server failure, Storage device failure etc. System health check gives information related to the resource utilization. You can even find out the overall utilization of the system resources over a specific time interval.

The software allows you to add any ONVIF compliant IP camera as well as gives freedom to choose multiple cameras at a time. The Analog camera is added to the system with the help of encoders and Analog Converter Units. The Analog Converter Unit also facilitates wireless transmission of signal. Utilizing the current set up helps you in reducing your expenses.


In case of post analysis or forensic analysis, the most important component in the recorded footage. The ease of extraction and storage in various video formats is useful for the digital forensic. The extracted video can be labelled for timestamps and camera view understanding. Even the Storage requirement for the footage can be managed by various parameters of the storage.

Every user has different requirements as per their viewing prospective. We allow users to customize their Camera Grouping according to their own understanding and needs. For Administrative Prospective, Grouping of Users and Channels is done for easier management. The Admin can keep track of rights and authorities using an innovative Graphical view Interface. The access rights such as VIEW, PLAYBACK etc. can be managed by the Admin.

This is a quick look at the capabilities and features of Daksha’s Video Management System, that make it Stand Tall among its competitors.



Multiple Video Compression Formats, High Resolution Cameras Support, High Throughput, Resending, Multiple Restreaming

System Monitoring

System Health Check, User Interface

System Management

User Management, Camera Grouping, Recording, Privacy Masking, Motion Detection


NVR Clustering, Bandwidth Optimization, Cloud Storage


User will get notification by SMS and Email


Inter-operability, Customizable Views, Digital Zoom, Video SnapShots, PTZ Control, Desktop and Android Apps

User Management

Manage Revelations, add and delete user and everthing else from a single screen


Replication, Scheduled Backups, Cropping, Password Encryption